Personalized Paintings For You

Personalized Paintings For You

Hello! Maybe you are wondering about commissioning a more personal painting.

You may have taken some photos that you would like represented on a painting and that can be a great starting point for our mutual creation. Remember, I will use "artistic license" to complete such commissions, instead of a photographic looking representation. We'll then arrange a visit, work via email, or possibly text to think together!

After we arrive at a solid concept for your artwork, I'll come up with a "rough" (a rough sketch) to see if we are lining up with each other. We'll determine to go ahead with an aligning plan as well as price estimate. You will be able look for a timeline, anywhere from 3 to 6 months or longer, depending on size and detail, which will have a direct effect on completion time. I will make every effort to meet with you on a personal meeting if you are local, or near local in location.

All paintings can be done in a broad number of media:

  • Oil on canvas​​
  • Acrylic on canvas​
  • Acrylic on watercolor paper
  • Watercolor
  • Pencil Portraits​​
  • Pen & Ink

Send a Message

An email will be sent to me,the artist, J N Salsburey