An Interruption

An Interruption

IT WAS TIME TO MOVE ON and six years after my new start in creating, I had another short term, but traumatic interruption.

For those of you who haven't heard from me on this . . . Detached retina of the left eye was the problem. If you are like me you would have NO IDEA of the implications of real truth you were about to receive. Though it is different from case to case, mine was a detachment in the very back of the eye which required me to basically "live face down". The original assessment was that this was going to be a 4 week ordeal of 1 hour face down, with a 15 minute break. Then 1 hour down with a 15 minute break, and so on and so on. THEN I would have to come up with a way to sleep face down. Yes, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Now to find a way to breathe. I got 2 to 4 hours of sleep a night and THAT was simply because I fell asleep out of shear exhaustion.​

The long and the short of it was, I found a survival system online. A chair of sorts with a "donut to be face down in and a bed attachment that a had a similar "donut" that slips under the end of your mattress for sleeping - (my only savior for the ordeal) Thank you Lord for leading me to it.

After 3 weeks, my surgeon gave the greatest news of my life. "Yours days of face down are over" 1 week earlier than expected. Thanks SO MUCH for your prayers, out there.

Enough, is enough. The following problem was, that kind of surgery CAUSES a cataract and my vision was yet impaired by that. Somehow that also seemed to affect my right eye, making vision yet a BIT MORE challenging.

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