Moving into higher education . . .

Moving  into higher education . . .

AFTER the CHILDHOOD Stints . . .

MOVING ON to QUICKLY get us past the mundane parts of this blog . . .

After high school I received a small tuition scholarship to Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus Ohio.

I attended for two years and a year beyond what my scholarship could afford. I then decided that enough was enough and I did not want to put my parents through any more financial binds, and even then had trouble paying back my following college loan.

During that college time, my folks moved to Kidron, Ohio, which I went on to relocate there, until I met the girl of my dreams, married and worked supporting my own home.

I was the staff artist in a local paper (shopper) and was also a local graphic artist in the communities of Sugarcreek and Berlin, Ohio.

I then moved on to Wayne County, Ohio where family life insisted that I would have to bear down and hit much harder labor jobs. THIS led me back to Kidron, Ohio, diving deeper into work like custom cabinet installation.

On the side I had become a tribute pencil portrait artist and even remember working on portraits while my partner drove us to job sites.

After years of this and continually telling myself I had to get back to painting, in 2010, I finally made myself do just that, and began to paint once again.

Later I decided I needed to update myself into the new world and took web design courses, including the Adobe Creative Suite of graphic design.

This along with painting again (my first love) , brings us to where I am today.

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